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Healing Massage by Fabienne

Fabulous Fabienne is how she is known at Enchanted Elements. 

The smiles of her clients are a testament to both her winning personality and her talents.

A gifted healer, Fabiennne has chosen  massage and body work as her venue.

We are proud to be affiliated with  this rising star!

An Enchanting Healer

¨ Swedish Massage

¨ Therapeutic Massage

¨ Deep Tissue Massage

¨ Reflexology

¨ Hot Stone Massage

¨ Indian Head Massage

¨ Reiki

¨ Craniosacral

A graduate of American Institution of Alternative Medicine, (AIAM) where she perfected her  massage techniques and began her studies of Asian body work.

Her on going pursuit for healing touch continues as she practices her art at Enchanted Elements.

Fabienne Grenet, LMT

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Phone: 614 437-2642

E-mail: info@enchantedelements.com

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