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Cynthia Hartline has mastered many forms of divination, but Tarot is her passion.  By consulting the cards, she can help you gain insight in to your past life influences and future possibilities. Your pattern of destiny, souls personality, and spiritual path are available to you, and Cynthia can answer questions about love, career, money, and health.  She can help you see likely outcomes to decisions and choices that you make.

Debé is our passionate palmist. The hands are your personal blueprint. By examining the hand shape, the fingerprints, the lines, and the fingers, she can decode your life purpose, lessons, and life path or "school of life".  Debé wants you show you how you can achieve your hearts desire or overcome the obstacles in your path. She is excited to show you just how fabulous you are and how amazing you can be!

Sarah Alley, CNP is our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner specializing in guidance and counseling.  She merges her experience and knowledge in the mental health field with her intuitive, spiritually based gifts.  Sarah's warm, empathetic nature and deeper level of understanding make her an excellent choice for those seeking help in a less traditional environment.

In addition to readings and counseling, other healing practices are available, including Reiki, and EFT (Emotion Free Technique- AKA "Tapping"). We also have contracted with some of the most gifted practitioners offering other services including Massage and Hypnotherapy at scheduled times. In addition, we have experienced guest readers specializing in Astrology, Numerology, Oms, Runes, and other forms of divination and psychic talents.

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